Facebook rolling out new metrics & features that will change the way we approach video marketing

Inventive adverts- Facebook LIve update

Facebook is about to roll out a new metric that will help you understand how your videos are performing.

Here’s a screen-shot of the new metrics.

This new metric lets you track the reach, retention rate, page insights view and ads reporting view. The best part is that it will be available for both paid and organic videos.

Facebook is also launching New live tools for publishers. This new tools will redefine the Live video making and watching experience.

1. Persistent Stream Keys: This key will simplify the broadcast experience for those who often use Live API. Since the key can be sent in advance, it can prove to be a boon for production teams who have to collaborate while shooting on different locations.

2. Crossposting: Crossposting allows you to post a single video on multiple pages as an original post. You will not have to share it and reduce the charm. This cross-posting feature boosts the reach & provide you results that are beyond expectations. A Facebook user who was broadcasting his surfing show live on 3 different pages got a whopping 1.5 million views.

3. Live Rewind: Although it’s still in testing mode, but will soon be available & will change the entire live Video experience. This feature will allow you to rewind a live video & re-watch your favorite parts.

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